Types of Users
  • 26 Oct 2023
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Types of Users

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A 12d Synergy user is a user who has a user account to log in to 12d Synergy. One user consumes one user license.  

To read more about Licenses, please read Licensing

Even if you are using Active Directory for authentication, all users must have a user account in 12d Synergy to connect to it. All users must be associated with a 12d Synergy contact record. In other terms, all users are contacts within the system, but not all contacts are users that can log in. 

Your 12d Synergy Administrator can create users who can be one of the following types:

User Type
Normal user
A regular user of 12d Synergy having standard permissions only.
12d Synergy Administrator / System Administrator 
Any user who has administrative access over the system, and can perform any 12d Synergy actions.
System Administrators can see that all the jobs, folders, and files exist, but they cannot access (view or update) the data inside them. They too are subject to permissions.
Job Administrator
A user with limited permissions to create jobs and assign users to these jobs.
Job Creator
A user with limited permissions to create jobs at top-level and sub job level from the 12d Synergy Client application.
Company/Contact Creator
A user with limited permissions to create and edit companies and contacts.
A user who is given temporary read-only access to selected jobs or folders in the 12d Synergy Web and Mobile applications by the 12d Synergy Administrator.

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