User Authentication Methods
  • 05 Sep 2023
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User Authentication Methods

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While logging in to the 12d Synergy applications, you may log in with one of the following three authentication methods.

  • Windows Authentication This authentication method is for existing Windows users. If you are a Windows user, then you can log in to the 12d Synergy applications with your Windows login credentials. Ensure that your Windows user account is added to 12d Synergy for you to have access to the 12d Synergy applications. If you are not using Active Directory, then your user account must be added as a User to the server running 12d Synergy. Users using this authentication method are referred to as Windows users.
  • Custom Authentication – This authentication method allows you to define your user accounts and password. However, it requires a valid SSL certificate (x509) to secure information transfer. You have to enter your login credentials for each login. Users using this authentication are referred to as Custom users.
  • Single Sign On(SSO) – This authentication method uses a third party authentication provider such as Microsoft to log you in to 12d Synergy. In this way, 12d Synergy never needs to know your password and you can use the same credentials easily across multiple applications. However, you need to configure the third party authentication provider and a valid SSL certificate (x509) in the 12d Synergy Administration application. Users using this authentication are referred to as Single Sign On users or SSO users.
For more information on configuring SSO, please refer to Single-Sign-On Set Up page. 

12d Synergy optionally allows Windows or Custom users to log in via two-factor authentication that is set up by the Administrator. The Administrator can choose to provide the second level of authentication via email or a secondary device to all the users or specific users. 

  • If you are a Single Sign On user, then two-factor authentication does not apply to you.
  • 12d Synergy supports a mix of SSO, Custom and Windows users.

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