What is 12d Synergy?
  • 16 Oct 2023
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What is 12d Synergy?

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12d Synergy is a data management and collaboration system. It is intended to provide one source of information for all of your organisation’s data, keep track of all changes and provide access to historical data. This helps you find the right data when you need it and helps prevent accidental edits that might corrupt or destroy previous work.
It also provides a platform for task management as well as user communication about pieces of work.

1.1. Basic Concepts

1.1.1. File Check Out / In

When working with files, 12d Synergy operates on a 'Check Out' basis. This means that users cannot edit two files at the same time. When a file is 'Checked Out', it is locked for editing by other users. Until the user checks the file back in, nobody else can edit it - but they can still read it.

1.1.2. Servers and Clients

12d Synergy is a client and server application. This means that the 12d Synergy Server houses all the organisational data and you connect via a 12d Synergy Client application.

This means 12d Synergy could be running on different servers in different locations, so you will need to find out which server you should connect to from your 12d Synergy System Administrator.

1.1.3. Data Structure

The data structure or 12d Synergy is displayed below. Each component will be discussed within this manual and it will describe how to work with each. Server

The primary 12d Synergy Server to which you will be connecting to edit your data. Jobs

Everything within 12d Synergy is grouped into user defined 'Jobs', which are a logical grouping for a piece of work. All data is stored in some fashion within one job, but may be shared with other jobs. A job can contain other jobs, forums, task lists, forums or 12d Model Projects. Folders

A folder is the basic logical grouping for files, but can also contain other folders, just like in Windows Explorer. File

A normal file that can be viewed or edited. Tasks

A list of tasks or pieces of work assigned to contacts and users. Forums

A collaborative way for users to communicate and discuss ideas. Permissions

Permissions are controlled by your system or job administrators. Not everything in 12d Synergy may be visible to you, and you may only have read access to certain parts of the system.

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