12d Synergy Maps Plugin for Map 3D
  • 13 Sep 2023
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12d Synergy Maps Plugin for Map 3D

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Article summary

The 12d Synergy Maps Plugin enables you to insert a map in Map 3D, from 12d Synergy.

Please also see the following plugins, if they are applicable for your product.



Allows you to select an image from 12d Synergy by using the AutoCAD Map 3D command Map Insert.

1.1. How to Insert a Map from 12d Synergy

  1. In Map 3D, select the 12d Synergy Maps toolbar or ribbon.
  2. Click the Map Insert from 12d Synergy button.
  3. Navigate to the required job and folder and select the map you want to insert.
    Your map is inserted in Map 3D.

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