Personal Jobs
  • 05 Sep 2023
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Personal Jobs

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A personal job is a user-specific folder that can be used as a scratchpad or as a personal storage area. This can be created with a standard job template when a user is created or whenever the employer decides to create one for all users.

1.1. How to Set Up Personal Jobs

  1. In the 12d Synergy Administration application, select the Users tab > Personal Jobs tab.

  2. Click the Set button against the Personal job parent box to select the parent job or folder under which you want to create personal jobs for all active users.
  3. Click the Set button against the Personal job template job box to select the template that is used to create all personal jobs.
    The settings to create a personal job are configured.

1.2. How to Set Up a Personal Job for a New User

While creating a new user, follow the steps in this procedure to set up the configuration for creating a personal job for the user.

  1. In the 12d Synergy Administration application, click the Users > Create tab.

  2. Select the Create a personal job check box.
    When the user is created, a personal job is created in the location set in the How to Set up Personal Jobs procedure. If the location is not set, then the personal job is created as a top-level job.

1.3. How to Create a Personal Job for an Existing User

You can create a personal job only for users who do not have a personal job already created for them at the time of user creation.

  1. In the 12d Synergy Administration application > Users tab > Personal Job tab, configure the settings for creating a personal job.
  2. Click the Create button.
    The following confirmation prompt is displayed.

  3. Click the Yes button.
    Personal jobs are created and a message notifying the number of personal jobs created is displayed.
A user can have only ONE personal job. If a user already has a personal job, then clicking the Create button does NOT create another personal job.

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