Reports Generated by End-users
  • 18 Sep 2023
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Reports Generated by End-users

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You can create entity-specific reports from entities such as jobs, folders, tasks, etc. Some of the reports that you can generate are listed below entity-wise. 

EntityEntity-specific Reports

Jobs and Sub-jobs

Changed Files Report, File List Report, General Overview, Job Usage Report, permissions Report, Structure Report, Task List


File Details Report, Issued Files Report, Changed Files Report, File Downloads Report, File Store Files Report, FRS File Changes Report, Retrieve File by File Change ID


System-wide Task List Report, Task Attribute Report


File List Report, Permissions Report, Structure Report


Job Usage Report - By User, User Active Task List, Data changes over time by user, User Log report, User Report

The following example explains how to generate job-specific reports from the Job Dashboard. Most reports can be generated while editing an entity.   

1.1. How to Generate a Report

  1. Select the Reports tab.

    All the reports related to the selected entity are displayed in the left panel of the Reports tab.
  2. Select the report you want to generate from the left panel.
    The inputs for the selected report are displayed in the Report Inputs section (right panel).
  3. Double-click the corresponding cell in the Value column to enter the value for the input.
    A brief description of the selected input is displayed below the Report Inputs section.
  4. Click the Generate button.
    You will be prompted to give a name to the report and select a location to save the report as a file.
  5. Enter the required details and click the Save button.
    You can access the report from the location where you saved it.

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