• 22 Aug 2023
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Article Summary

1.1. Tools Needed

This is a manual process and you will need the following tools:

  1. SQL Server Management Studio
  2. 12d Synergy Server Upgrader

1.2. Scope

This documentation will discuss the necessary steps to reconfigure 12d Synergy during and after a migration.

The following are considered outside the scope of this document:

  1. Migrating a database to another instance of SQL Sever
  2. Redefining the appropriate port forwards for firewalls

1.3. Information Needed

Before you begin, you have to determine the values of the following information:

1.3.1. File Stores

You may have one or more file stores that may need to be migrated. The locations and types of these are available at 12d Synergy Administration application > File Storage tab.

1.3.2. Index Location

The location of your index may also need to be migrated. You can do this from the 12d Synergy Administration application > System Settings tab > Indexing Directory.

1.3.3. 12d Model Shares

If you are using 12d Model sharing or Master shares, they will need to be remapped using a script provided by the 12d Synergy Technical Team. Please contact 12d Synergy support for this file.

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