Introduction to Jobs
  • 10 Oct 2023
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Introduction to Jobs

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A job is the highest level of grouping within 12d Synergy and represents all the information for a piece of work or set of data. Whenever you are working with any data in 12d Synergy in the typical view, you will connect directly to a job.

Access to jobs is defined by your 12d Synergy Administrator. Activities such as creating jobs and sub-jobs, editing jobs to update attributes, permissions, job rules, etc. can be done only by your 12d Synergy Administrator or by a user who is assigned necessary Administrator rights for the selected job.

You can have more than one instance of the 12d Synergy Client application open at the same time.

1.1. The Job Dashboard



This panel displays the Job tree. You can expand the tree to see the folders and files. Based on your selection in this panel, the items displayed in Panel D will differ.


This panel displays the My Active Items which lists the entities that you are currently working on (files or folders that are checked-out). For more details on this panel, please see My Active Items.

This panel is displayed only when the My Active Items option is selected from the Windows menu option. A tick mark is displayed against the option when it is selected.


Panel C displays the My Checked Out Items section which is displayed only when the Active Checkouts Pane option is selected from the Windows menu option. A tick mark is displayed against the option when it is selected.

You can also check in files from this panel or cancel an active check out.


The first tab of Panel D is the Job Dashboard. You can design the dashboard using the 12d Synergy Administration application > Jobs tab > Job Dashboard tab > Edit button > Dashboard Editor to display items of your choice as this is what is displayed when you first log in to the 12d Synergy Client application.

Other tabs displayed in this panel are mentioned below.

  1. Attributes – This tab displays the attributes related to the entity selected in Panel A.
  2. Notes – You can attach notes to the entity selected in Panel A. You can add a note, reply to a note, and delete a note using this tab.
  3. Associations – Jobs can be associated with other entities. This is a casual way of indicating a relationship between entities, such as a job and a task, a job, and a contact, and so on.
  4. Map– This tab displays the geographical location of the selected job on the map.
  5. Reports– This tab displays the reports that can be created on the selected entity. It also enables you to provide inputs for the selected entity report and generate a report.

1.2. How to View Recent Jobs

  1. In the 12d Synergy Client application, select the 12d Synergy menu option.
  2. Hover the mouse at the Recent Jobs option.

    All the recently worked-on jobs are displayed as options in the next level menu.
  3. You can select one of the jobs to open it.

1.3. How to Change Jobs

  1. In the 12d Synergy Client application, click the tiny arrow on the icon on the 12d Synergy quick access toolbar.

  2. You can do any of the following:
    • Select the Change Server option to select a different server, connect to it and work on jobs on that server.
    • Select the Recent Jobs option to view a list of jobs that you have accessed recently and select one job from it.  
    • Alternatively, a list of recently accessed jobs is displayed as options. You can directly select which job you want to access.
    • If you have previously marked any jobs as Favourites, you can select the Favourites option and select a job from the Manage Favourites window.

1.4. How to Mark a Job as a Favourite

  1. In the 12d Synergy Client application, open the job which you want to mark as your favourite.
  2. Click the tiny arrow on the icon on the 12d Synergy quick access toolbar.
  3. Click the Favourites option.
    The Manage Favourites window is displayed.

  4. Click the Add Current button.
    The job you are working on is added to the Manage Favourites window. The name of the job and the server it is connected to is displayed.
  5. Click the Save button.
    The job you have added is saved as your favourite and you can view it as a Favourite from any other job you access.

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