• 30 Aug 2023
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Attributes are pieces of user-defined metadata to help describe your data. They can be applied to most entities within the 12d Synergy system, including Jobs, Folders, Files, Contacts, 12d Model folders, and Tasks. However, from the 12d Synergy Web App and Mobile App, you can only view the attributes.

To understand more details about creating and editing attributes, please see Attributes in the 12d Synergy Administration Guide.

1.1. Job Attributes

Job attributes are those applied to jobs to describe additional information about the job. They are applied to an individual job or across all jobs at the system level.

You can view the job attributes by clicking the Attributes tab in the Job view.

1.2. Folder Attributes

Folder attributes are those defined for folders to define them in more detail. When applied to a folder, these attributes impact the subfolder too, if the Inherit file and change attributes from parent checkbox is selected while creating the subfolder.

You can view the folder attributes by clicking the Attributes tab in the Folder view.

1.3. File Attributes

File attributes are those defined at the folder level to apply to all the new files being created in that folder. These are called file attributes. They can also be applied to an individual file or across all files of a specific type, at the system level.

You can view these attributes by selecting a file in a folder view and clicking the Attributes tab in the File View.

If there are file attributes applied to a file, when a file is checked in you will be prompted for entering a value to the file attribute.

1.4. File Change Attributes

File Change attributes are an extra change description of files. Each time the file is checked back after a change, you are prompted to fill out attributes that help explain the change that was made on the file.

1.5. Company Attributes

Company attributes are created at the system level to define companies in more detail. You can view these attributes by clicking the name of the company in the Companies view.

1.6. Contact Attributes

Contact attributes are created to define contacts at the system level. You can view these attributes by clicking a contact in the Contacts view.

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