• 29 Aug 2023
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One entity can be associated with other entities within the system, such as files, folders, tasks, jobs and so on. This is an easy way of saying that one entity is related to another entity within 12d Synergy. It can also explain how they are related to each other.

12d Synergy creates automatic associations between certain files. For example, an association between a MS Word file and a PDF produced from it. Another example is when you save an attachment from an email using the 12d Synergy plugin in MS Outlook, it associates it with the original email.

You can manually add the following entities as associations to other entities (except contacts).

  • Jobs
  • Folders
  • Companies
  • Files
  • Tasks
  • Contacts
  • 12d Model Projects

1.1. How to Add Associations

You need to have the necessary administration rights to be able to add associations. 

  1. When viewing a project entity like a task, file, folder, company, 12d Model project or job, click the Associations tab.
  2. Click the button.

  3. Select one of the following options.
    • Associate with a file – to select a file as an association
    • Associate with a folder – to select a folder as an association
    • Associate with a job – to select a job as an association
    • Associate with a task – to select a task as an association
    • Associate with a 12d Model project – to select a contact as an association
    • Associate with a contact – to select a contact as an association
    • Associate with a company – to select a company as an association

The selected association is added to the entity.
Once you associate the required entities to another entity, say associating a file, folder, contact, company, task or 12d Model project with a job, the Associations tab in the Job view page is displayed as below. 

You can click on any of the associated entities to see a detailed view of that entity in its home page. For instance, click an associated folder to see the folder view. 

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