API Example - Exporting data to another location (PushData)
  • 18 Oct 2023
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API Example - Exporting data to another location (PushData)

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This is the first example in some customization that I will be providing over the coming weeks. Unfortunately, the next set requires a version update before it will be available.

This is called PushDataSet and it simply pushes data out to some nominated location.
For example, if you want some V10 Customization files to be stored in 12d synergy but consumed from a network location (as v10 is not very 12d Synergy aware), you can use this to make sure that network location stays up to date.

Please note that this example is provided on an unsupported, as-is basis. You are welcome to post suggestions, but make no guarantees if/when they will be adopted

I have provided the entire C# project, along with the .dll file. If you're not interested in the code, you only need the .dll file.
This is an Event library. It is added via the 12d Synergy Administrator > Scripts > Events tab.
An event library works by responding to events/triggers in the system.

To use this, you must define a new string attribute called: PushData

You can attach this to Files, Folders or Jobs. When you do so, simply specify the location you want this item and all its data to be pushed to.
E.g, if I have a folder called V10 User Lib and I want it to end up at \\MyServer\Shared\12d Model\v10\user_lib,
I would simply attach a PushData attribute to my folder and set the value accordingly.

This will react to triggers when:

  • the attribute is first attached
  • a new folder is added
  • a new file is added
  • a file is changed
  • a file is deleted
  • a folder is deleted
  • a folder is checked in

and so on.

If you experience unexpected behaviour when using this script, you may disable it at any time.

This is not a synchronization. It will not update 12d Synergy with changes at the network location. It is simply there to provide read-only data to be consumed by others. 

Please use the version of the zip below that matches your server.


DLL Only: http://downloads.12dsynergy.com/3.1/Customization/PushDataSet_v3_with_src.zip
DLL and Source: http://downloads.12dsynergy.com/3.1/Customization/PushDataSet_v3_dll_only.zip

V4 and V5

DLL Only: http://downloads.12dsynergy.com/4.1/Customization/PushDataSet_v4_dll_only.zip
DLL and Source: http://downloads.12dsynergy.com/4.1/Customization/PushDataSet_v4_with_src.zip

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